Quickfire # 10

Place: Old Hickory Steak House

Location: Grapevine Texas

Recently work had brought me to the great state of Texas. I knew I was going to need a Texas sized dinner. Asking people around where I was staying, Old Hickory came up a few times so I decided to check it out.

I’m going to be honest with you, this is a “treat yourself” kind of night. The prices are on the higher side but not out of control for a true steak house. Your steaks start around fifty bucks and work their way up and your sides will all be around fifteen dollars each. I went a little above the fifty and splurged for one of their specials. The 35ounce tomahawk steak, which will run you around $150.


This massive steak was cooked to perfection, sliced up for me and then the bone was wrapped in gold foil. I was slightly worried breaking the bank might not have been the best option until I cut into my first piece and had a taste. It was very juicy and melted in my mouth. Not a single part of it was chewy. From start to finish this was one of, if not the best steak, I have ever had.

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