Snack Attack # 24

Snack: Christmas Cookie Shake

Location: Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies

I will tell you that his place is located in tomorrow land and then good luck finding it. There are virtually no signs for it, and when there are signs they are generic signs that say things like “ice cream”. Very strange, but we went on a hunt to get this snack and we finally found it.

The shake looks amazing. The presentation is great. It’s topped with whipped cream, red and green sprinkles, a giant Mickey marshmallow and then even the straw gets in on the presentation as it looks like a candy cane.

The shake itself tastes good but it’s heavy and a lot. It’s extremely thick and filling and is best to be shared. It’s also very sweet. The first few sips it’s not too sweet but the more you drink the more sweet it seems to get.

This is a good snack that we recommend but we would recommend to grab your partner or your friend and share it together.


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