Chicken Guy!

Place: Chicken Guy!

Location: Disney Springs, Orlando FL

Chicken Guy is located in Disney Springs or “Downtown Disney” for those of you living in the past. This is basically an upscale fast food restaurant. With a name like Chicken Guy, its pretty obvious the basis will be chicken, and with a celebrity chef attached to it, you expect quality. It was a no brainer to me that they would get chicken right and they did. The tenders were juicy and cooked perfectly. The best pair with a good tender is a great sauce. We tried the ranch and the buffalo and loved both, however, we did get overwhelmed by the choices. There are a lot of options that all sound equally delicious. Picking a sauce is one of the hardest decisions you will have to make.


The fries were a nice change to your normal fry. They had what tasted to me like a seasoning that you would find on a BBQ potato chip on the fries. They were crispy and delicious and then adding this seasoning, it really made a normal food item more of a standout. Then, of course, you have those great sauces to dip into.

The sandwiches were also really good. We decided to go with the bourbon brown sugar BBQ sandwich. Our chicken to bun ratio was not the best, but when I was looking around, it looks like we may have been an anomaly. Even if a bad ratio is a norm, it can easily be forgiven when what’s inside is amazing. The chicken and sauces that make up the bourbon brown sugar BBQ sandwich were great. The texture of the crispy chicken was added too, with the addition of slaw, pickles and potato chips. Mix that with a smooth BBQ sauce and a soft bun and you have a winning combination. Adding chips to a sandwich is something I have been doing since I was a kid so its nice that I can find that in a real place instead of doing it on my own.


Macaroni and cheese were a last minute add on and it was a good choice. The cheese sauce was thick and tasty and the macaroni was not at all soggy and held up well with the cheese sauce. It tasted like a wholesome homemade mac and cheese. It complimented the rest of the meal extremely well.


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