Oga’s Cantina

Place: Oga’s Cantina

Locations: Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Orlando, FL



Oga’s Cantina is located inside Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. At this time you will need reservations to get in, and even with reservations expect a bit of a wait. When we approached the Cantina, we saw a long line outside and naturally we thought that was a line to get in without reservations. Nope, that was the line to wait in once you checked in. People without reservations were turned away.

Once you wait your turn and get inside, it looks like it was pulled straight from the movies. It looks incredible and the cast members are true to the character and never break their character to give you the most authentic experience they can. Sadly the staff and the atmosphere are where the positives end.

A cantina is another word for a bar, so that’s basically that’s what this is. Its a bar with virtually no food. They have a decent variety of alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic drinks and one food item. Yes ONE food item and it’s just a very strange snack.

The one snack is their Bantuu Bits, while not terrible, it was not great either. It’s a bunch of fried items like carrots and green beans, other friend items like seaweed and lotus roots, things that you wouldn’t commonly eat. It comes with a chermoula sauce to dip in, which was not something I was familiar with. It’s a garlic herb sauce that I did enjoy but it’s not something I will go out of my way to get again. Mixed into all these fried bits was something that really didn’t belong. A chocolate meringue. While it tastes good on its own, I have no idea how it fits into a plate that has all these spiced fried items.


The drinks all sounded good but the couple we tried were just alright. We went with some non-alcoholic drinks. We got the Hyperdrive and the Carbon Freeze. Both of these items had a flavor of Powerade in it and no matter what else was added to it, that’s all we tasted. Both drinks were basically just drinking and overpriced Powerade with a fun presentation. The Carbon Freeze had the best presentation. It comes to your table bubbling uncontrollably which was really fun to watch. Once you start drinking the bubbles stop and then your reminded that you’re just drinking Powerade.


Oga’s Cantina is a bar, people go to bars to socialize and have a few drinks. Oga’s Cantina you will be forced to socialize due to how the seating works. Most of the cantina is standing room only where people are on top of each other and the rest are booths around the cantina. We were “lucky” to get a booth. When you have a booth they fill your booth with a bunch of other parties and squeeze too many people into one table. It was very uncomfortable to be with so many people at one table and be so close to whoever is next to you.

If you think to have a lot of drinks to forget you’re that close to someone, you would be wrong. The cantina puts a two-drink limit on everyone. Imagine going out to a bar and being cut off after just two drinks. They also give you a forty five minute limit to order, have your drinks, pay your bill and get out of there to try to keep up with the demand of people who are trying to get in.

If the goal here was to make Oga’s Cantina as awkward as it looked in the movies, then they nailed it. While the atmosphere was amazing and the staff was great it’s not enough to get me to come back. Its something every Star Wars fan should experience but do expect anything great when it comes to the menu.

Stay tuned for more Disney locations, for now, check out Quickfire#9 and then head over to our Instagram to see everything food related.


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