Quickfire #9

Place: Plaza Restaurant

Location: Disney’s Magic Kingdom Orlando Florida

The plaza is a restaurant inside Disney’s Magic Kingdom. We went for breakfast for a little Disney hack. Make your reservations early before the park opens and you can be in the park before the crowds. Take all your pictures before you deal with the mob scene.

Sitting down, I honestly expected an overpriced mediocre breakfast. To my surprise, we got a slightly above average affordable breakfast. The food is basically what you find in your typical Disney breakfast buffets but without the buffet. You have your eggs, your Mickey waffles and everything you would expect for only sixteen dollars. It’s a decent amount of food and for that price, inside Disney, it is hard to beat.
The food is all that you expect. Nothing is going to reinvent the wheel but its all cooked well and taste good, a nice way to start your day in the park.
We recommend going to the plaza if you need to get away from the expensive character breakfast and just have a decent meal that won’t break the bank.  Getting in the park early is an excellent perk if you can get your reservations!
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