Snack Attack #23

Snack: Oreo Thins Latte Cream


Yet another flavor of Oreo. I wonder why they keep making new flavors but I suppose I’m part of the problem since I keep buying them. I have never cared much for Oreo thins since my favorite part of the Oreo is the cream, however, I think this one benefits from being thin. The latte cream has a strong coffee flavor that is mellowed out a bit by the chocolate cookie. If it was a normal Oreo and had more cream, the cream would just overpower the cookie and be too much of a latte taste. This is the first Oreo thin that I actually liked.

If you like coffee and you like Oreos then this may be a snack for you. For more Oreos to try, check out Snack ATtack #21 and for everything else on food be sure to check out our Instagram.

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