Place: AlleyOops

Location: Ocean City. Maryland

AlleyOoops is a restaurant/arcade. I’m going to be honest with you, when I saw what the place was, I was not expecting good food. I was expecting a place in Ocean City that you can go to escape a rainy day and have some mediocre at best food. I’m happy to report I could not have been more wrong.


The appetizer selection made it difficult to pick what we wanted. I wanted to just say “ill take one of everything”. We ending up deciding on fried pickles and our favorite, the pretzels.

Any time you are dealing with fried food, its very easy to get a soggy greasy mess, but the fried pickles were so crispy and delicious. All of them were cooked evenly and crispy. The pretzels were another great treat. We order pretzels almost everywhere we go when it’s available. We have had some great ones and some terrible ones. These are definitely on the great side. They were soft and fluffy


Entrees were typical American/bar style food. The first entree we ordered was a buffalo chicken sandwich. The chicken was juicy and it had the right amount of sauce. A lot of sandwiches can just taste like the sauce and nothing else but this one has a really good balance.


Shrimp tacos, we had very low expectations for. Even though we were in a seafood town its not a seafood restaurant. The shrimp was lightly battered and perfectly fried. The shrimp was not tough or chewy, it was as close to perfect as can be. To offer some variety on sides you could switch out your fries for tots. Usually, I tend to not make the switch to tots as they can just be grease sponges and taste like oil. The tots were much better than expected but I still would recommend the fries over the tots.


Finally, we had the burger. You can substitute the bun for a waffle and who wouldn’t do that? The waffle was a little dry but good. It held up great with the burger and didn’t fall apart as expected. The burger was cooked exactly as we ordered and was seasoned very nicely.


Alley Oops exceeded our expectations. We expected a place that would be a nice hangout on a rainy day but it proved to be a fun place to go to on any occasion. Good food and fun games makes this another place you should check out on your ocean city trip.

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