Snack Attack# 22

Snack: Orange Creme Pop and Moonberry Twinkies

Its been a while since I have had a Twinkie, so these two snacks excited me more than they should have. Sadly, it was a letdown, both of them. They both were a let down because somehow they tasted the same to me. They could not look more different, even the cream looked different! It puzzles me how a blue Twinkie with white cream and a normal color Twinkie with orange cream taste the same.


They tasted like a bland sponge cake and a fruit flavored cream that was seriously lacking in flavor. The other thing that was not too good with these were they left my hands extremely greasy. If I touched the top of one when I would pick my finger up you can visibly see how greasy they are. It was a major turnoff.


This is one snack to definitely avoid. For snacks not to avoid check out our Instagram and look for more Snack Attacks.

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