Place: Dumser’s

Location: Ocean City, MD


Dumser’s is a must visit for any Ocean City Trip. Any time you drive or walk buy Dumser’s you will see a huge crowd of people all in line waiting to get ice cream. However, Dumser’s is more than just ice cream.

You can go inside Dumser’s, sit down and order some food before your ice cream. Also a quick tip, you can avoid the crowds and go inside and sit down and order just ice cream, blows our mind no one else does this. Anyway back to the food. Dumser’s has a typical American diner style menu of platters, baskets, and sandwiches.


Our go to orders are always sandwiches here but what meal is complete without an appetizer? They have your usual suspects of Mozzarella Sticks, Onion rings and wings but also have some different items like crab balls and Mac and cheese wedges.


The sandwiches are served on bread that is super soft an delicious. It’s the kind of bread you can easily eat on its own, but since they have some great ingredients why not add them. They have everything from chicken tender sandwiches and Philly cheesesteaks to more unordinary ones like a cheeseburger sub. We have been going for years and I have tried a lot of their sandwiches. I have not had one I didn’t like. If I had to choose my favorite than I would go with the chicken tender sandwich. Crispy chicken tenders with your choice of sauce on perfect bread, nothing is better.


People come to Dumsers mainly for their ice cream so be sure to conclude your meal with some! This time we had the Sweet and salty, it was vanilla ice cream with mini M&M’s, peanuts, whipped cream, caramel and a cherry on top. The perfect way to end any meal.


For more places in Ocean City to eat be sure to check out Guido’s Burritos and Quickfire #7, for everything else be sure to check out our Instagram. The snacks and food will never stop flowing there.

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