Guido’s Burritos

Place: Guido’s Burritos

Location: Ocean City, Maryland

Who doesn’t love Mexican restaurants? They are always a go to for me when I know I need some good wholesome food. The best way to to start one of these meals are always nachos.


The Nacho Grande at Guido’s is, for me as close to perfect as nachos can get. It’s almost like having two different types of nachos in one order, don’t worry I will explain. These nachos have cheese, black olives, sour cream, jalapenos, and chili. The Chili is what makes this like having two different. Most of the chili makes its way to the bottom and the top has everything else. So after you make your way through the top, you have all the chili to finish up on the bottom. These nachos are definitely one of my favorites.

Quesadillas are another staple to these restaurants. Easy to make but also easy to mess up. They are cooked just enough to get the cheese warm and gooey but not long enough to burn the tortilla. Another great option here.


Finally my favorite option at Guido’s, the habanero chicken burrito. It’s an amazing burrito that’s spicy but not an overpowering spicey and is topped with chipotle cream and queso. The queso does double duty on this burrito, it both delicious and it also helps to cool down the habanero. The chicken is cooked perfectly where each bite seems to just break apart.


When your in Ocean City Guido’s Burritos is a must visit. Stay tuned for more places to eat in Ocean City and check out Quickfire #7 to see a great boardwalk snack in Ocean City Maryland. For everything else be sure to check out our Instagram.

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