Quickfire #7

Place: Polish water Ice

Location: Ocean City, Maryland


Nothing says summer like the beach, boardwalk, and some ice cream. What goes good with some ice cream? Some creamy Polish water ice. While walking the boardwalk something cold will really help you beat the heat and there are many choices of a cold snack on the boardwalk but Polish water ice is our favorite. It’s the main reason we go to the boardwalk.

They have a wide variety of ice flavors that are great on their own. They are super tasty and smooth. You can’t go wrong with any flavor. Our favorite is cherry. A lot of cherry ice can taste very artificial but this one is perfect. Their ice is not the consistency of typical water ice, it is extremely smooth and creamy. Our favorite is to get a mix of the cherry ice and vanilla ice cream. They are both great apart but when you take them together its the best cold creamy summer treat.

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