Quickfire #6

Place: Round Pie Pizza Company

Location: Old Bridge. NJ


Round Pie is a pizzeria that seems to have followed us. They had a location in Staten Island when we lived there. That was where we first tried it and loved it. We then moved to New Jersey and Round Pie followed us and opened up in New Jersey.

The type of pizza from Round Pie is what I was missing living in New Jersey. It thin and crispy New York style pizza. The pizza is thin and delicious so be ready to eat more than you normally would.

A quick story to tell you just how good the pizza is. We had a party and decided to order pizza. We did some pizza math to figure out how many pies we should order. We ordered and thought maybe we ordered too many. After about 15 minutes of everyone eating, we needed to order more. Everyone kept saying how they never eat this much pizza but it was so good.


Whether you are in Staten Island or in Old Bridge, be sure to check out Round Pie. For another good pizzeria in New Jersey be sure to check out Quickfire #5 and for all your other food needs be sure to check out our Instagram. 


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