Snack Attack #20

Snack: Drumstick Cereal


Drumstick cereal looks like a child’s dream, ice cream for breakfast? I’m so on board for that. Drumstick cereal is not bad, but it’s not a dream come true. It’s a very lazy concoction of cereal. Its just a mix of cereals that are already in production. They taste great together, but I don’t get any ice cream taste from it. Take a look at this picture:


What you have here is a mix of Coco Puffs, Golden Grahams, and Cookie Crisp. Three kinds of cereal I do like a lot, but also three kinds of cereal that I don’t understand are supposed to taste like ice cream.

If you like these cereals and want a mix then sure go for this cereal but if you’re looking for something more than this, then this is a snack you can avoid. To find out what snacks not to avoid be sure to follow us on Instagram and be sure to check back to see everything we are eating.

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