Woody’s Lunch Box

Place: Woody’s Lunch Box

Location: Disney World (Hollywood Studios)

Woody’s Lunch Box was my biggest surprise of our trip. Its a quick service restaurant located in Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios. Quick service in my head usually means quick decent food, nothing that will really stand out. That was my expectations here and boy was I was wrong.

We went there for breakfast and the first thing we ordered was the s’more french toast sandwich. This was the weakest of the three items we ordered but still better than expected. This was exactly what it sounded like. It was chocolate and marshmallow sandwiched between two pieces of french toast, and the french toast was encrusted with graham crackers. The graham crackers have this sandwich a much needed crunch to break up all the soft ingredients. The only problem we had with this one was it was so rich and sweet that we couldn’t finish it all.


Next up was another sandwich, a smoked turkey breakfast sandwich. This sandwich actually became an obsession in our house once we got back. We had this for breakfast a few weekends in a row. Its smoked turkey and eggs held together with melted cheese between to buttery and crispy pieces of toast. Unlike the s’more sandwich we had no trouble finishing this one off.


Even if its breakfast no meal is complete without dessert so we ordered the chocolate-hazelnut lunch box tart. This was like a flaky homemade pop tart that was loaded with chocolate filling. The top was coated with maple fondant and candied bacon. No bite of this was bad. This was a sweet way to end an amazing breakfast.


Woody’s Lunch Box is going to be a place we will hit every time we are in Disney. I’m counting down the days to go back and this place is one of the reasons. To see more on Disney restaurants check out our post about Ohana and for everything else food related check out our Instagram by clicking HERE.

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