Snack Attack #17

Snack: Love, Oreo

Another flavored Oreo and another cookie that is nothing special. I wouldn’t call this bad, but I also have no intentions of eating it again. When you first open up the package your treated to a nice pink colored frosting but your also treated with a very odd smell, something your not really expecting from an Oreo. A sour aroma entered the air once we cracked open the package.


The cookie itself is not flavored, its your standard chocolate cookie but there are however some fun Valentine’s Day writing on them. For example my favorite was “Dunk in love”. It was fun and something different. The actual taste of the cream is weird. Again its not bad it just doesn’t really work as a whole. Its tangy and resembles the taste of a sweet tart. A taste you wouldn’t really pair with a chocolate cookie. Obviously the cookie portion is great on its own and the cream is somewhat good on its own as well but together it just gives you a weird profile. You wont hate it, but you probably wont love it either.

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