Snack Attack #16

Snack: Cheshire Cat Tail

This is our first snack attack for a snack that you most likely will have to travel for, but it will be worth the trip. This snack can be found at the Cheshire Cafe which is located in Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Disney World.


This snack is a flaky pastry that based off our experience will always be fresh. When we first went to buy it we were told to come back because they ran out and are currently making more. They make them in smaller batches so they remain fresh throughout the day. So if you go to buy it, don’t be surprised if you have to wait for a fresh batch.


When you finally get yours you will be blessed with a warm soft and flaky pastry. It is visually appealing since it is covered with a drizzle of colored sweet frosting. Inside you will be treated to some chocolate chips and a delicious sweet cream. when you take it all in with one bite, it is one of the best snacks available in Disney World.

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