Place : Ohana

Location: Disney World Polynesian Resort, Florida

img_0444Ohana is Hawaiian meaning family, and at this restaurant you will feel like you are family. Ohana is a set menu that is all you can eat, and they load you with food, that is worth the pain of over eating.

Like most restaurants they start you out with bread but everything has an island theme to it here, so its not just plain bread you will be getting, its soft and warm coconut pineapple bread. The island flavors are subtle in the bread making it a refreshing start to your meal. The bread is quickly followed by a nice light salad with a dressing that you will have a hard time finding elsewhere. Its dressed with a lilikoi dressing. A lilikoi is the most popular exotic fruit that Hawaii has to offer. Its part of the passion fruit family so expect a nice sweet dressing on this salad.

After your salad, unbuckle your pants and get ready for the heavy stuff to start coming. Your presented with a beautiful plate that is filled with noodles  tossed in teriyaki sauce, stir fry vegetables, honey coriander chicken wings and our personal favorite, pork dumplings in a garlic ginger sauce. Its a pretty big plate of food but its really easy to finish off that plate quickly. If you do, its all you can eat they will bring you another one. If you only want certain items from that plate, no problems they will bring you anything you want.


While your trying your best not to make a total pig of yourself with that plate they are coming around with skewers of meat for you. They have delicious sweet-n-sour chicken, perfectly cooked szechuan sirloin steak and spicy grilled shrimp. They will keep coming until you stop them and stopping them is a challenge because you will want to keep eating.

If you somehow still have room you will be treated to a large and delicious dessert. Its a banana bread pudding with vanilla ice cream. Its topped with a caramel sauce that pulls it all together making it a wonderfully delicious end to an excellent meal.


Ohana is on our short list of our favorite places to eat in Disney World(Be ready to find out what else is on that list). If you want a great meal and feel like you are among family this is your place to go. Just a friendly reminder make sure to try to make reservations if you do plan on going.

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