OMG Dessert Goals Joy Edition

img_1644Another dessert goals and another list of amazing vendors. After the last Dessert Goals we were counting down the days until the next one. As expected we had some amazing desserts and had a great time. Here is a list of our top five vendors from this Joy edition of Dessert Goals. Even though we are only highlighting our five favorites, all the vendors were amazing and could have been on this list.


5. Treat House


Cute designed treats made from rice crispy treats. Who doesn’t love rice crispy treats? Whats better than a regular rice crispy treat? A mermaid bar from Treat House. The mermaid bar was a cotton candy flavored rice crispy treat decorated with mini marshmallows and sprinkles. It was a fun and tasty snack.

4. Pop’t By Lily


When I was a kid going to school, breakfast was a Pop Tart. Quick, easy, sweet, and yummy. Pop’t by Lily evoked my inner child and showed me that Pop Tarts were not as good as they could have been. The pastry was flaky the frosting was sweet and the filling was perfect. Every aspect of it on its own was great so if you didn’t get a bite that had it all you were still satisfied. Lets get these packaged and sold in stores so breakfast and snacking could be come even easier for us.

3. Stuffed Ice Cream


Ice cream and doughnuts on their own are great but now put them together. A glazed doughnut split open and stuffed with ice cream is a dream that you didn’t even know you had until now. The ice cream is homemade, super creamy and flavorful. The doughnut was soft and warm, making their pairing the perfect bite.

2. Keki Modern Cakes


Perfect cheesecake is tough to execute, but not for Keki Modern Cakes. We had just a standard original flavor cheesecake. For that to stand out as much as it did means these guys are doing everything right. The cheesecake was so smooth and soft that it made a lasting impression that no other cheesecakes will stand up to. They most likely have ruined cheesecake for me forever.

1. Woops!


I have said this before and I will say it again. Making macarons is an art form. Its easy to screw up and difficult to master. These may be the best one we have ever had. It was the perfect texture you want and expect from a macaron. The filling was perfectly even and tasty. The two standouts for us were the peanut butter and jelly and the caramel. If you love macarons, seek out this place at any cost.

Did you make it to Dessert Goals? Let us know about it. For everything else food related be sure to check out our Instagram HERE, and in the mean time look below for more pictures from Dessert Goals.



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