The Good Monkey

Place: Bad Monkey

Location: Ocean City Maryland

Ocean City Maryland is a tourist trap filled with plenty of over priced mediocre places that are just designed to take advantage of you. Ocean City is also somewhere we go every year, so we try our best to not get caught in those traps. Bad Monkey is a fun restaurant we have been going to the past couple of years, and it is not a tourist trap.

A must have way to start off your meal is the buffalo wings. They are cooked to perfection and drenched with sauce. Each bite you take will be loaded with sauce and exploding with flavor.


The main event at Bad Monkey is their sandwiches. The sandwiches go against everything you think you know about sandwiches. They look over stuffed and loaded, which they are and they look like they would be way too heavy which they are not.


The bread is the lightest and softest bread you will ever taste. When you pick it up it feels weightless. I have eaten a few sandwiches from here and I am still shocked every time I pick it at how light it is. Even though it is super light, it is still very filling. Good luck finishing the whole sandwich.


Our favorites that we keep ordering are the chicken cheese steak and the Philly cheese steak. The Philly cheese steak is good enough to rival even the best in Philadelphia. It has the perfect mix of meat to cheese and anything else you would want on it. If you prefer chicken than your typical meat the chicken cheese steak will most definitely satisfy you. It hits all the same notes that their Philly does except with chicken. Whichever your in the mood for, you will have no regrets.

No trip to Bad Monkey would be complete without stopping by their merchandise shop. They have a wide selection of shirts, mugs and other memorabilia. We can never leave without buying something and we regret nothing.

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