Snack Attack #10

Snack: Rocky Road Oreo’s

Oreo had just shocked me with a flavor I loved which you can see here, and lightening may have struck twice with the Rocky Road Oreo. I really like this one but I do have one issue with it but we will get to that in a second. When you open up the pack it looks almost like a regular chocolate Oreo, but it smells just like marshmallows. The cookie part taste just like a chocolate graham cracker which is delicious and I can eat on its own all day. The cream is where I have a little problem. The taste of the cream is great. It taste like a nice mix of chocolate and marshmallow. My problem is the texture. When you bite into an Oreo you expect a smooth cream but that is not the case here. The texture of the cream is slightly hard and chewy. It has the texture of those small fake marshmallows that you would get in a hot coco mix. Its not unpleasant but it is just a little strange for the cream to have a tough chew.


Overall this cookie is a good mix of flavors as long as you get past that texture issue. If you like chocolate, marshmallow, or Oreo’s this a flavor we do recommend. Be sure to check out past Snack Attacks and of course for all your snack and food needs be sure to check out our Instagram HERE. 


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