Snack Attack #9

Snack: Taco Bell Tortilla Chips, Mild and Fire

Taco Bell is a guilty pleasure of my youth, so when I found out about Taco Bell chips I was all in. What you get from these chips is nothing special but also nothing that is too bad. The mild one taste very similar to the taco shell that you get in Taco Bell. It looks pretty identical to a Cool Ranch Doritos. Even though its mild, it does have a little bit of a spice that could be too much for some if spice is not handled well.

The next one is the “Fire”. Right on the package it says “challenge accepted” so I definitely expected this one to bring the heat. This chip looks like its going to be hot, it is deep red in color and looks like its loaded with spice. My first bite was very cautious but after it was in my mouth I realized there was no challenge to accept here. Like the mild flavor its nothing special but still nothing bad. It was just as spicy as the mild except it just lingered a little more. These chips promised a challenge but was a easy victory.



The market is flooded with all kinds of snacks, this is a snack that you can ignore. It does nothing special to set it apart from anything else out there. To find out what snacks not to avoid be sure to check out the previous Snack Attacks, and while your at it, be sure to check out our Instagram by clicking right HERE.

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