Snack Attack #8

Snack: Strawberry Shortcake Oreo

Finally Oreo has done it! A flavor that I don’t just like but one that I love. Oreo flavors usually fall super flat to me and I do not like them, so I went in to this one with super low expectations. After you open it up the smell of strawberry just over takes you. At this point I got my hopes up that maybe this can be an Oreo I can enjoy. After one bite I realized they have done it. Finally!

When you bite into it immediately childhood memories of the ice cream man come rushing back to you. What kid didn’t love getting a strawberry shortcake ice cream from the ice cream man? It was amazing to me how well the flavor seemed to capture my memory of what this ice cream tasted like. This is my new favorite Oreo!


Oreo continues to pump out different flavors some we like but most we don’t. This one is at the top and I can see it staying up there. For more about Oreo’s check out Snack Attack #4 and of course for all your snack and food needs be sure to check out our Instagram HERE. 

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