Home of the LIES

Place: Mikes Pastry

Location: Cambridge. Massachusetts

img_0571Take a look at the box, printed for everyone to see “home of the cannoli”. If this is home, I don’t think I ever want to go home again.If you were to do a quick search for bakeries in the Boston area, Mikes Pastry will always turn up and people will always be talking about their cannoli’s. Countless reviews and articles about how amazing these cannoli’s are. It’s just puzzling to me.

When we were in Mikes Pastry, I have to say I was very exciting. A wide array cannoli’s to choose from, each one looking even better than the next. But sadly trying 4 different kinds I had my hopes and dreams ripped away from me.img_0614Starting from the left we have an espresso, chocolate chip, Oreo, and a traditional. I’m an avid coffee drinker so I was most excited about the espresso one. Sadly to my surprise it was almost uneatable. The brown you see covering the cannoli shell seemed to be ground up espresso. To bite into a powder like that, it’s not only is supper bitter but also causes a little bit of a gag making me cough. Very unpleasant. Even if you take that aside all four of these cannolis share a problem.

The perfect cannoli has a wonderful crunch to it when you bite into it, not these. All of these had very chewy shells. Not at all what should be expected from a cannoli. The cream was also an issue for us. I know American and Italian cannoli cream are different, but this was neither of the two. The cream seemed like they wanted to mix the best of both words with American and Italian cannoli cream and it just seems to fall flat.

The world is going to disagree with me and I am perfectly fine with that. If you disagree with me tell me why in the comments below or tell us on our Instagram by clicking right HERE.

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  1. Try Bova next time, it is the hidden cannoli gem of Boston’s North End. Better cannoli than Mike’s and Modern, with no line.


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