Paris In A Box

Monthly Box: Parisian Foodies

Blind boxes and food, the two ways to my heart, so any time we get to go over a blind box filled with food I am thrilled. The Parisian Foodie box is a solid addition to the monthly food boxes. If you couldn’t tell by the name this is a box loaded with snacks you can find in France, bringing the snacks of France to your door step.

The first thing you notice when you look at any of these boxes is the price. This box is priced at 17.95 making it extremely reasonable, if not low for a lot of other companies starting price. There seem to be more and more of these each month so price really matters and they knock that part out of the park.


Next is the presentation, another aspect that they knock right out of the park. The design of the box screams Paris. From icons to French words everything about it is a wonderful representation of Paris. When you open the box it is neatly wrapped with a picture of the Eiffel Tower. After you dig into that you are treated with a package insert not only telling you whats in your box but it has some fun items to read. It has an “artist of the month”, explains what the current month is like in France, a phrase of the month and then some lovely notes from the company.

After you get through all that beautiful detail its time to find the snacks. The June box came with eleven different offerings. This came with different kinds of candy and different types of packaged baked goods.


The candy was the winner for me. I love gummy and chewy candy and they delivered with some great ones. There was a tie for what my favorite candy was between the Carambar Atomic and the Haribo Dragibus. Haribo we all know and love for their gummy bears so I was naturally the most excited for this offering.

The packaged baked good were the weakest part for me but still not bad. As a dumb American the only way I can describe these is if you were to take a hostess product like a Twinkie or a cupcake, and make a better version of those that do not just taste like a sugar overload.


With this June box, they got a returning customer in us. We enjoyed the thrill of opening the box and going through everything French. If you want to be a customer and enjoying the tasty offerings of France go to . If you want to find other good boxes or just some wonderful snacks be sure to check out our Instagram by clicking right HERE.

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