Snack Attack #7

Snack: Chips Ahoy Cereal

As I said in Snack Attack #5 cereal and cookies are two of my favorite snacks. In that post Nutter Butter cereal was the topic and it was a success. With Chips Ahoy cereal, its a huge let down. I was even more saddened about this one since Chips Ahoy just failed me in Snack Attack # 6.

When you open up a box of cereal the first thing that hits you is the smell. If you were opening a cereal that is supposed to be chocolate chip cookies, you would expect a smell associated with that right? The smell you get here is a maple syrup smell. It makes zero sense. The taste of the cereal itself has no resemblance of chocolate chip cookies. It taste like a very odd french toast cereal. Do your self a favor and stay away from this cereal. The box looks so welcoming and comforting but don’t be fooled! Stay very far away from this one.

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