Snack Attack #6

Snack: Chips Ahoy Brownie Filled

Do you love cookies? Do you love brownies? If you answered no to one of those questions than you may be dead inside. Chips Ahoy is a classic chocolate chip cookie which is always a great snack. When you stuff a brownie inside it, sadly you get a mediocre mash up. Brownies are chewy so it makes perfect sense to go with a chewy Chips Ahoy for this combination, but it definitely falls a little flat. The brownie to cookie ratio is too big of a difference so each bite you take primarily taste like a brownie and not even a great brownie. A chewy Chips Ahoy almost has that homemade taste to it since its nice and soft and the brownie that they have stuffed inside taste nothing like a homemade brownie. The brownie has a very bland flavor, leaves a somewhat unpleasant after taste, and shattered my hopes and dreams.


This mash up is definitely a snack you can pass on. If you tried it let us know what you thought. To find out what snacks not to pass on be sure to check out our other Snack Attacks and for even more food related pictures be sure to check out our Instagram HERE.

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