Quickfire #2

Place: Luigi’s Ice Cream

Location: Redbank, New Jersey

Its June that means summer is coming! Ice cream and summer go hand in hand. If you are looking for a cute ice cream shoppe in a fun town then look no further than Luigi’s Ice cream in Redbank New Jersey. A new trend is rolled ice cream, and that is the specialty here. If you like to have fun with your food then the Cookie Monster ice cream is for you. Watch them prepare the blue ice cream and roll it up to order. Delicious vanilla ice cream with crumbled up cookies, freshly made whipped cream and a full chocolate chip cookie to top it off. The cookie monster ice cream is a triple threat, its a show as you watch it made, its fun and colorful and its absolutely delicious. Run, don’t walk to go get your own! Well maybe walk, summer is coming so its hot.

Have you tried rolled ice cream yet? If you have not what are you waiting for? Go get it and tell us what you think. For more snacks and everything food be sure to check out our Instagram right HERE.

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