Donut Miss This Place

Place: PVDonuts

Location: Providence, Rhode Island

img_0483To keep on referencing “Friends” “round food for every mood” very true words spoken by the great Chandler Bing. We love doughnuts, we can never get enough as you can tell by the amount of post we have about them. PVDonuts is a doughnut shop in Providence Rhode Island, my wife’s favorite doughnut shop, and that is saying a lot. Not being local to the area means we cant get these perfect doughnuts as often as we would like, however it does mean we look to plan weekend getaways to the area with the sole purpose of getting some doughnuts. When you walk up the PVDonuts the painted sign on the side of there building says it all, “treat yo’ self”


You can order in advance and skip the line, which we do recommend ordering in advance! They have a line out the door all day long and will sell out of every doughnut, ordering in advance secures what doughnuts you want. We ordered online but elected to wait in line anyway for the experience. Once you make your way inside, you wont even mind the wait. The atmosphere is welcoming and fun. The decor will keep you busy and smiling while you wait for your time to order.



To be honest we have not tried a bad doughnut from here. So instead of wasting everyone’s time by describing how good each one is, we will just discuss our two favorites. I can not stress enough that no choice here will be a bad choice!

First up is my favorite and that was the Snowball. Growing up Hostess Snowballs were one of my favorite snacks, so naturally when I heard there was a Snowball doughnut i had to have it. Now I love Snowballs but to say that this doughnut taste like a Snowball is almost an insult to the doughnut, because it is on a whole different level. It hits all the notes a Snowball has, the dough, the coconut and the cream and it does it in a way that will have your taste buds singing long after your done with the doughnut. It is a perfect doughnut that is covered with a delicious glaze. It has coconut shavings on top and then loaded with an amazing cream filling. Just thinking about it again is making my mouth water.

Second my wife’s favorite, the cereal doughnut. None of these doughnuts are small, so its an amazing acomplishment that this doughnut was not heavy, it was light and fluffy but packed with flavor. It had a sugary glaze that worked like the milk and then sprinkled all over it were one of our favorite cereals, Fruity Pebbles”. It almost gives the illusion of eating a solid form of the sugary milk that is left after your done with your cereal, with some extra cereal sprinkled on top.


I said it already and I will say it again. Their are no wrong choices made at PVDonuts. Every pick is a perfect doughnut. If you haven’t been here then you haven’t lived, so start living and get some doughnuts! Which one did you choose? Tell us all about it.For more Providence doughnuts be sure to read “I Knead More” about Knead doughnuts and for everything else in the food world be sure to check out our Instagram by clicking right HERE.


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