Snack Attack #5

Snack: Nutter Butter Cereal

Cookies and cereal are two of my favorite snacks, putting them together is a match made in heaven for me. With Nutter Butter cereal, its definitely a match. When you open the box you immediately smell the peanut butter. Each bite taste like a mini version of a Nutter Butter. If my eyes were closed I may not be able to tell the difference which brings out the “Friends” fanboy in me and makes me say “judge rules: Nutter Butter”

nutter butter

One word of advice when snacking on these, keep a napkin close by. Each tiny Nutter Butter is coated with a dusting of peanut butter so your hands may get a little messy while snacking.

If you you like Nutter Butters, or peanut butter, or just a good snack be sure to look for Nutter Butter cereal. Let us know what you think about this one and of course for more great snacks and everything food related be sure to check out our InstagramĀ HERE.


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