Sweet Perfection

Place: Something Sweet Homemade

Location: Staten Island New York

Beautiful decorations, colorful furniture, and awesome homemade desserts. Who can ask for more in their neighborhood? Something Sweet will have a dessert for anyone. From drinks like milkshakes and bubble teas, ice cream, and cookies and cakes, there is bound to be something to please your pallet.


Bubble tea. A drink that until now I was too afraid to taste. The idea of these “bubbles” coming up a straw while I’m drinking was a terrifying thought. I tried a chocolate bubble tea and after a few sips, I couldn’t believe I waited this long to try it. The chocolate flavor was the perfect amount with subtle hints of tea, two flavors I never thought can go so well together. My first sip brought up one of the tapioca balls and it was a pleasant surprise. It’s a new thing to get used to when drinking but after the initial surprise, it is a welcome texture to a wonderful drink. I’m looking forward to going back and trying some of the other flavor offerings.


Picking an ice cream flavor will be a challenge. Each one sounds even more amazing than the last. Lucky they offer samples to help you make your decision. We went with the Dulce De Leche and it was delicious. It was rich and extremely creamy. Each spoonful was smooth, and when your down to your last spoonful you think, should I get some more? The answer is yes, get some more!


The last item we tried here were the macarons. A French macaron is an art form. Many places try it but not all will succeed. At Something Sweet, they have the art down pat. When you bite into a French macaron you want the initial crunch from the shell but then the rest should be on the chewier side. Most places will mess up that texture, they nailed it here. We went with the salted caramel, cookies and cream and smores. The smores was the standout for me. The outside of the macaron was covered with melted chocolate and then coated with a graham cracker giving it a true smores taste and feel.

Something Sweet Homemade in Staten Island should go on your short list for a good dessert place.

For more pictures of desserts and everything else food related be sure to check out our Instagram by clicking right HERE.

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