No Liberty No Justice For All

Place: Liberty Tree Tavern

Location: Disney World

With our trip to Disney coming we wanted to get some Disney entries started and our first entry about Disney is somewhere you need to do everything you can to avoid. The Liberty Tree Tavern has one and only one redeeming quality, the decorations. It looks like something straight from a history textbook. Beautiful wood furniture and chandeliers are a beautiful sight to see.

When you are on the meal plan at Disney and go here for dinner you have one option, Thanksgiving dinner. Set menu with the same foods every day you think would mean they would operate like a well-oiled machine right? Well not here. They are super slow to not only seat you (when you have reservations) but also slow about bringing you food. Everyone gets the same food so they should have plates ready to go.

The food items you get are roasted turkey breast, pot roast, and carved pork roast for the meats with mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables, herb stuffing, and house-made macaroni and cheese for the sides. It blows my mind that they were so slow because when you finally get your food its so dry that you know it was not freshly out of the oven, it was clearly sitting under heat lamps.

When they finally take the meal away from you, eventually they bring you a dessert. Its a toffee cake with vanilla ice cream. You cant screw up vanilla ice cream so enjoy and eat up. Its the best this place has to offer.

This is somewhere not to go, to find out where you should be going be sure to click HERE to check out our Instagram.

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