Snack Attack #3

Snack: Unicorn Magic Ice Cream

We do not really have much to say about this one except for the fact that our hopes and dreams were shattered and to avoid this snack! Unicorns are fun, ice cream is delicious, it should be a fun and tasty combo. Well, it’s not. the ice cream is two components mixed together, A pink fruit medley flavor and a blue raspberry. It doesn’t even look all that appealing. WIth those two colors mixed together, it should be easy to make it look good. What it comes down to, is an overly sweet fruit ice cream and an overly sour raspberry ice cream. Both components do not taste good on its own, and if you get a spoonful of them mixed together, you’re not getting anything better. The only good thing about this ice cream is you can only find it at Target, meaning its on fewer shelves and gets in fewer homes. Avoid this one!

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