OMG Dessert Goals

Event: OMG Dessert Goals

Location: Long Island City, New York

img_0813This past weekend was the OMG Dessert goals event and leading up to it we could not have been more excited. Now that it’s over we can not wait until the next one. What we want to do here is just quickly touch on most of the vendors there we had the pleasure of visiting. We will have links to all of their Instagrams for you to check out. The following is in no particular order. We can’t even begin to rank them since they all were amazing. We tried our best to try everything we could but we did miss some items and some vendors. Next year we will hit them all!


Sugar Monster



Sugar monster had a huge, colorful and delicious piece of cake and their take on a twinkie called a disco twinkie. Sugar Monster is local to New York and we can’t wait to visit. Check out there Instagram to see all their wonderful cakes by clicking HERE.

Rebecca’s Cake Pops



The best we can do for Rebecca’s Cake Pops is tell you to click right HERE and look at their Instagram. Every cake pop was over the top with cuteness and we couldn’t get enough pictures. You won’t regret checking out this Instagram.

P.O.P Cake Shop


Remember those hot summer days as a kid when you would get a push-up ice pop? This is that feeling but in cake form. You push up for more cake and keep going until there is none left. Be sure to check out there Instagram HERE.

Macaron Parlor



Macarons are an art form, and they are taken to another level with Macaron Parlor. From traditional looking macarons to designed ones like Cookie Monster and Unicorns. To see what perfect macarons look like check out their Instagram HERE

Tipsy Scoop


Two things people love are ice cream and alcohol. You put those together and you get yourself a tipsy scoop of ice cream. To check out everything else they have to offer check out their Instagram HERE.

Zola Bakes


Customizable rainbow cookies that can be shipped to your home. That may be one of the best sentences ever. The only thing better than that sentence may be the cookies themselves. To get your mouth watering check them out right HERE.



If you like Pop Tarts, then Megpies are for you. They are a freshly made perfect version of a Pop Tart. They are the perfect breakfast pastry or late night snack. To see what these tarts look like check their Instagram HERE.

Becky’s Bites


If you used to like snacks like Dunkaroos then look no further than Becky’s bites. Bite-sized and handcrafted treats that are inspired by cream cheese. You have to check out their Instagram HERE to see these bite-sized masterpieces.

New Territories


Anyone that follows us knows we have a weak spot for shakes. The shake we got from New Territories was absolutely perfect. It was a unicorn shake that was loaded with marshmallows, fruity pebbles and of course whipped cream. To see more perfect shakes check out their Instagram HERE.

These were the vendors that we got to visit. The next one cannot come soon enough. While we wait for the next one be sure to check out our Instagram by clicking HERE and see you next time dessert goals.


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