Snack Attack #1

Snack: Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes

Is cereal a breakfast or a snack? It can be both, but if your anything like us then its a snack! What does any good cereal need? Some sweetness! Take Lucky Charms and you have some sweet marshmallows. What happens when you get a spoon or handful of lucky charms that are lacking some marshmallows? Disappointment. Every bite needs that sugar. Take Frosted Flakes and you have sugar-coated corn flakes. Every bite having some sugar. Now you put those two together and you have a match that is most definitely made in heaven. Every bite now has guaranteed sugar. Each bite has a nice sugary crunch from the Frosted Flakes that are often smoothed out by the sweet marshmallows. If this cereal doesn’t trigger your inner childhood then nothing will. This can be the perfect breakfast to wake up and start your day or the perfect snack while watching some T.V. We definitely approve of this mash-up of cereals and look forward to some more in the future.

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