The Duck and Bunny

Place: The Duck and Bunny

Location: Providence, Rhode Island

Duck and Bunny is a place that I wanted so badly to fall in love with and I almost did. The decor of the place, the creativity of the menu and the presentation of all your food and drinks are absolutely top-notch, but the execution falls a little flat.

When you walk into Duck and Bunny you feel like your walking into a welcoming home. They have comfy chairs to lounge in, drink coffee and hang with friends and then a more traditional seating area for a sit down meal.


I’ll start with the coffee. Coffee is my favorite part of any meal that it is a part of. At Duck and Bunny, coffee is art and it is beautiful. We got a latte and it was served with a classic and elegant leaf design. The coffee was perfect from the look to the taste. It was not too strong, definitely not burnt and just smooth and delicious.

The food is where the experience started to fall apart for me. When I heard about one menu item I could not contain my excitement. It was called “The Ultimate New York System Crepe” These were hot dogs that were rolled in crepes, topped with a meat sauce and then had mustard drizzled on top. Combining three of my favorite things into one dish has to be good. Well, it is good, just not as good as I was hoping for. No elements really shined. It was a few items that were on the bland side combined to make something that sounds amazing but ultimately still taste bland.

The other item that we tried was the Monte Critso, which is turkey, ham and swiss cheese sandwich that is on french toast. This was a perfectly passable sandwich. Every bite tasted good but it didn’t do anything to stand out and go from good to great.

The Duck and Bunny is a place that we plan on going back to in the future. The decor is so inviting and memorable that I want to go back for that reason alone. The menu also makes me want to go back. The creativity is there, I want the execution to be there too so I will happily continue to go back and check on it.

Have you been to The Duck and Bunny? Got any places that come to mind that you wanted nothing more than to love but something fell flat? Let us know in the comments below or over on our Instagram by clicking right HERE.

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