Best Burger I Ever Had

Place: Boston Burger Company

Location: Somerville, Massachuttes

bbc+logo+(blank)If you have a hard time making decisions, Boston Burger Company will drive you crazy. Burger and fries are a classic combo and here they take that to an entirely different level. Two things to do if you know you are coming here. First, read the menu early. Everything sounds amazing, all the burgers and fries sound like they would be perfect so it is extremely difficult to make a decision. Even if you are prepared it will still be difficult, trust me. Second, skip lunch. You will need all the room you can get in your stomach.

It took us a long time to decide on what fries to get, with choices like garlic parm fries, chili cheese fries, bacon cheese fries, nacho fries, buffalo fries and pizza fries to just name a few, how can it be a quick decision.

This is going to need at least two trips, they all sound way too good.

We went with the pizza fries for the first time and they did not disappoint. It was served in a bowl that had tomato sauce, melted cheese, and pepperoni. The fries on top were cheesy and crispy and when we got to the bottom those fries were soaked in tomato sauce, which gave them extra flavor. I’m usually a crispy fry guy but if you give me a soft fry that’s soaked in tomato sauce it’s a tough choice.


Our second trip we went with Buffalo cheese fries. I was pretty nervous making this decision since I was worried it wouldn’t be as good as the pizza fries and I would be mad we didn’t just get those again. When the buffalo cheese fries were placed in front of me, my nerves just drifted away. The look and the smell alone I knew these were going to be great. One bite and I had a new favorite kind of French fry. The cheese was melted all over the fries and then a cup of blue cheese just begging to have fries dipped in it sitting right next to them. Each bit was crunchy bliss with just the right amount of spice and cheese.


Reading over the menu for what burger I would choose was yet another scary moment. They all sounded like they can be the best burger I ever had. It was an even tougher choice than the fries.

Since we made two trips so we got to try four burgers total. I do have a favorite but if I am being honest with myself, any of these burgers could have been the best burger I ever ate.

First up is the simplest of the ones we tried. It was the ranch burger. It’s a normal burger with bacon and cheese. What makes the burger is the homemade ranch dressing on top. If it was acceptable to order that ranch dressing as a beverage I think we would have. It was that good. It was packed with more flavor than your typical ranch dressing bringing this burger to another level.


Next up was the “Killer Bee” (my personal favorite). This burger had your usual suspects on top with bacon and cheese but what made this different was this had beer battered onion rings piled on top of it. The onion rings are fried to a wonderful crisp adding an extra crunch on top of the already crunchy bacon. Then drizzled on top of this is a honey BBQ sauce making every bite sweeter and sweeter.


The last two burgers that we had here were two that were featured on T.V.

First of the two is the “Hot Mess”. This burger was loaded with bacon, sweet potato fries, homemade thousand island dressing, diced pickles, jalapeno, red onion, lettuce, and American cheese. This was featured on the Rachael Ray Show. I do not know what Rachael had to say about it but I can only imagine she had nothing but great things to say. When it first got put in front of me, I’ll admit I was a little overwhelmed. I had no idea how I was going to eat this. I ate this two ways. First, I started to cut it up with my fork and knife but that quickly turned into the second way, and the way I recommend eating it. I call it the “F it” way. As in F it lets just make a mess. For the time I was eating this burger I didn’t care who was around me looking at me. I’m sure I looked like a monster but when the food tastes as good as this, F it, who cares about the mess or what you look like.


Now the final burger. They call it the “Mac Attack” while others may call it the heart attack. Eating this burger will definitely put you out of breath. Its a cheeseburger, but this burger is not topped with your normal cheese found on a cheeseburger, no this burger is topped with a homemade four cheese mac and cheese, and of course bacon. This was featured on both Diner’s, Drive-Ins, and Dives and on Man Vs Food. This is a must have burger. I can’t even begin to describe it. After just one bite you will begin to wonder why every cheeseburger is not topped with mac and cheese.

No meal is complete without dessert, that’s our thought during every meal and that’s no different at Boston Burger Company. They have what they call “Freakfrappes”. These are essentially milkshakes that are on steroids. We tried two of them. We tried the Nutella Freakfrappe which obviously is loaded with Nutella. It is made with a mixture of vanilla ice cream and Nutella and topped with whipped cream. In the whipped cream are a few more treats. There are a couple of Nutella wafer cookies and a skewer with two marshmallows with a brownie between them. To finish it off the glass is layered with Nutella and then covered with coconut shavings.

The other Freakfrappe we tried was a traditional chocolate shake. This was made with chocolate ice cream and also topped with whipped cream. Like the other shake, this one also had some more treats with it besides the delicious shake. This one also had a couple of wafer cookies and instead of coconut, this shake had M&M’s all around the glass being held on by frosting. Making it a fun and tasty adventure picking off M&M’s while drinking the shake. Both shakes were super creamy and an excellent compliment to the best burgers we have ever eaten.

What was the best burger you ever had? Tell us about it in the comments below or let us know on Instagram by clicking right HERE.



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