DUCKin Donuts

Place: Duck Donuts

Location: Green Brook Township, New Jersey (chain)

img_0415Ducks are my favorite animal, doughnuts are one of my favorite desserts, put the two together and you have a dream team combo in my eyes. My expectations for this place were getting higher and higher the more I looked at their doughnuts. I was definitely not disappointed.

This was our first trip so we did not have a grasp on their ordering system but the helpful employee was happy and willing to explain it to us. Every doughnut at Duck Donuts is made to order, making them hot and fresh every time.  They have a ton of “featured” doughnuts, which are pre-set from a menu but still made to order. If none of those are what your looking for you can design your own!

Every doughnut whether it’s a featured doughnut or a build your own doughnut, it all starts with the same base. A warm delicious vanilla cake doughnut. Since every doughnut has the same base, this was what I was most skeptical about. I had a fear that the doughnuts would taste all too similar.  The way you dress up your doughnut really makes every one unique and delicious, and no two doughnuts on the menu will taste the same.


The above picture is the first six that we decided to try. Starting from the top left they are as follows:

French toast- I never knew french toast and a doughnut was something I wanted together until eating this doughnut. I’m not even the biggest fan of french toast but I can easily eat this doughnut all day.

Boardwalk- Milk’s favorite cookie meets a doughnut. Crumbled oreo mixed with a vanilla drizzle and powdered sugar. After hearing all those ingredients in one sentence, if your mouth doesn’t begin to water, there may be something wrong with you.

Build your own-  We built a tasty take on the classic. We made a chocolate frosted doughnut with rainbow sprinkles and added a salted caramel drizzle to take the classic to the next level.

Peanut Butter Paradise- The review for this one is in the name, paradise. Peanut butter icing is something that I didn’t even know existed but now that I do, I can’t go back. Its finished off with a chocolate drizzle that shows us the perfect pair of peanut butter and chocolate.

Chocolate icing with mint drizzle- This one didn’t even taste like a doughnut, it tasted just like candy. It tasted like a york peppermint patty. A delicious treat with the perfect amount of mint to compliment the chocolate.  Eat this one last and no breath mint will be needed.

Glazed with winter sprinkles- The final doughnut that we had really highlighted how good the fresh doughnuts are. It’s just a glazed doughnut that’s showered with some sprinkles. Being this simple just shows off how delicious the doughnuts here are.

Doughnuts are a dessert I can easily eat one or two of and be satisfied. Duck Donuts, one or two was not enough. My craving for the hot and fresh doughnuts made how I want could not be satisfied. The two of us easily finished the half dozen and before we left we bought another dozen to take home with us. If two people buying 18 doughnuts in a day is not enough to tell you to go out and find your closest Duck Donuts, I don’t know what is.

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