Brunch Squad

Place: Project Brunch

Location: Staten Island, New York

downloadProject Brunch is somewhere that we frequent so we will need more than one entry to cover it. For this entry, let’s stick to the sweeter side of brunch and cover some of their signature drinks and sweet treats.

Before we dive in, there is something I would like to say about the staff at Project Brunch. This restaurant can be super busy with wait times upwards of two hours. Being a Staten Islander I can say this, Staten Islanders can be extremely rude. Make them wait and the attitude will come out. With the hustle and bustle of a busy restaurant and the rude Staten Islanders, we NEVER encountered a rude staff member. Service was always impeccable and every staff member is smiling.

If your heading to project brunch no meal is complete without having one of their signature drinks. Different kind of candy themed shakes or frozen hot chocolates that look almost as good as they taste. Take a look at these pictures so you know that’s saying a lot. My wife is the expert on these shakes so I went to her for a description and she did not fail me. “It’s heaven in a mason jar” and I couldn’t agree more.


You can get most of these drinks hot or cold, either way, you can not go wrong.  If the drinks itself were not enough, the theme of the drink shows its form on top as a treat. Cosmic brownie shake? Enjoy a brownie with it, Carnival shake? Enjoy some cotton candy on top. The list can go on and on and they all hit it out of the park.

The hard thing about project brunch is everything on the menu sounds amazing, but then they throw two specials at you that also sound just as amazing but these are exploding offers, lasting only the week. I would say choose wisely but I can’t express enough, any choice you make will be a wise one.

The first special that I remember us getting were Reese’s pancakes. It was peanut butter and chocolate bliss. Each bite would take you on a ride of sweetness that you never want to get off. The pancakes are light and fluffy where it absorbs some of the peanut butter and chocolate to make each bite even more exquisite. If this special makes it back into the rotation I highly recommend it.


To follow up with some more pancakes we have the cinnabun pancakes. The only way this can be described is to have you think of the best pancakes you ever had, got it? Good. Now think of your favorite cinnabun you have had. Put them together into one magical bite and that’s what you have here. No other words are needed to describe this.


Finally, we come to their take on the classic ice cream sandwich. Most ice cream sandwiches are cookies with ice cream in the middle but not here. We have a waffle sandwich. Like the pancakes, the waffle is also ultra light and fluffy and just perfectly made. The waffle makes the perfect host in encasing the chocolate and vanilla ice cream that this sandwich has to offer. Sprinkles? Not good enough how about some M&M’s. This massive treat can satisfy even those with the largest of sweet tooths.


Project Brunch has had so much success that a second location is coming soon. There is still so much buzz around this place and it is well deserved. If you have not been here yet, you have not lived. Stop reading this and get in the car and go. You are welcome.

Keep your eye out for the second entry about Project Brunch covering the savory side of brunch. As always if you want to see more pictures of brunch and many other food options check out our Instagram by clicking right HERE.


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