A Food blog Is Born

I like to write, my wife likes to take pictures, and we both love to eat. Naturally, a food blog is born! Join us on our food adventure. If it’s crazy or weird, you can bet I’ll try it and if its something sweet my wife is all over it.

Our adventure will hopefully one day bring us around the world but in reality, we will be venturing around the northeast for some fun and tasty places. There will be some travel thrown in, and some random places to be found.

My wife has already started to document some of our food adventures and travel on our Instagram which you can find HERE. This only begins to scratch the surface and we look forward to sharing it with you.

We plan on doing three different kinds of entries. A full review of a restaurant, a “quickfire” short review of a place or food item and finally a “snack attack” review of a fun or new snack that’s out in stores.

Here is just a quick picture to get your mouth watering while you wait for our first entry to be up and ready. Enjoy and thank you for being a part of our adventure.


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